Altenburg Castle near Bamberg Germany. Baroque architecture and the Altes Rathaus

Altenburg is a small castle sitting on top of a hill just south of the city. These pictures are from my first trip to Altenburg in mid April 2006.

Altenburg (the old castle) is southwest of Bamberg, just outside the town. Altenburgstraße (the old castle road) is very steep and is lined with houses about half of the way up the hill. The actual path leading to Altenburg is several hundred meters uphill. Altenburg is off in the distance, on the left side of the picture.

Altenburg is open for social functions like receptions and weddings. This picture was taken along the path from the small parking lot below the castle.

There is no moat around Altenburg but the entrance is about 25-30 feet off the ground, there is an earthen ramp that meets the drawbridge on the near side of the picture.
Marcusgrab, a grave just outside the walls of Altenburg.

The Kapelle (Chapel) in Altenburg, it is right inside the gatehouse, which was a private residence in the 19th century. The first building on the hill was a Chapel built in 1124 by Otto der Heilige (Otto the Holy), the bishop of Bamberg.

Das nordöstlich Türmchen (The northeastern Turret)

The rear of Altenburg's keep.

I'm not sure what this thing is, there were no markers, but it stands about 50 feet tall and is on the south side of the hill outside of the walls.

This is the main building inside the castle's walls.

The sign reads, "Our Castle Bear Goldi from 1952-1982." Apparently there were a number of bears kept at Altenburg, the last of which was Goldi.

The courtyard of Altenburg, in the foreground is the well, behind it is the keep, in the back is the gatehouse and the tower of Alternburg, built in 1400, the little side tower was added in 1578.

The southwestern stretch of the wall. Only the southern part of the wall has a tiled roof.

Wildensorg, a village southwest of Bamberg

The view coming back down the hill, on the left is St. Michaelsberg (the two spires with black roofing) and on the right is the Cathedral (four spires, light green in color). Like most cities in Germany, Bamberg's churches are the most prominent buildings you see.

Pfarrkirche zu Unsere Lieben Frau (Parish Church of our beloved lady), built in 1350 but all the gold accents were added in 1711 as part of a Baroque renovation

One of the corners of the church, decorated for easter.

A plaque on the side of the church, marking the death of someone in 1794, the top few lines are worn away

The main entrance to the church.

The backside of the church, facing downtown Bamberg.

The view of the Cathedral from the Pfarrkirche.

The buildings around the Innenstadt (downtown) have tons of statues on their roofs, corners, and above their doors.

These buildings are near the Altes Rathaus and have shops in the ground floor, the rest of the buildings are private housing.

The southwestern facade of the Altes Rathaus

Saint George on the side of the Altes Rathaus.